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Benefits of the psychoanalytic approach

  • Allows to solve a wide range of problems and issues
  • Dealing not only with symptoms, but also with causes
  • Progressive development of personality, a significant increase in the level of consciousness
  • An interesting exploration of your own inner world
  • Various work formats
The difference of the psychoanalytic approach is that it allows not only to remove psychological and psychosomatic symptoms, but also to work out their causes, which gives a deeper and more stable result. It allows to release a large amount of energy that was previously directed inward to contain feelings and emotions. Working on the request, the client takes a more mature position, expands his consciousness, learns to better understand himself and others.

Olga Tsvetkova

Clinical Psychologist
Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist
I help people experiencing emotional difficulties to understand themselves, get out of an intolerable state, learn to enjoy life and gain control over it. And most importantly, to realize what is really happening and gain freedom of choice

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Session duration 50 minutes
Metro Chistye Prudy (Moscow) / Skype
Confidentiality and Compliance with the Code of Ethics

Frequent queries

Depressive state
Psychological trauma
Relationship in a couple
Phobias, fears
Self-development, self-improvement
Features of the psychoanalytic approach
  • The goal id in the awareness of unconscious mental processes
  • Free association method
  • Attention to personal history
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